Choose Success Sales Process

The Choose Success Sales Process™ has 5 steps:

1. ANNOUNCE – in this step you get really clear about what you want. I have
worksheets to help you get clear about the results you want to achieve,
WHY you want than and how it ties into your values.  You can also use these worksheets to get clear about how you want to BE in any particular circumstance – such as when you step into the role of salesperson for your products/services.

2. ALIGN - in this crucial step you align your conscious and unconscious
beliefs with your thoughts, emotions and actions; I’ll teach you how. You
will also learn several techniques to maintain alignment with your desired

3. ACT - nothing happens without action; inspired actions that are congruent
with your intention. So you select the strategies you want to implement to
move you forward most quickly. Inspired actions are those that come from
your intuition. The key is to not only take actions congruent with the
behaviors of people who are successful but to also be sure those actions fit
and resonate with YOU.

4. ACCOUNT - studies have proven that people that track their activities are
the most successful in achieving the outcomes they desire. In this step,
you track your daily progress in applying the new strategies you’ve selected.

5. ALLOW – in order to succeed you must believe in yourself, detach from the
outcome and be grateful throughout the process. I can help you build your
belief and learn to detach from the outcome.

You can learn more about this in my book, Choose Success – Ignite the Power Within.

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